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Conversly is the latest conversational tool in the market.Our apps are built to meet customer demands. When you promote our tool, you know you are in for massive EPC's, Max conversions and a product your customers will love.
Earn upto $200 with the hottest platform
to run an Online Community on web pages.
Everything in Cloud
Built-in group chat
Profanity Filter Enabled
What is Conversly?

The Most Advanced Social Interaction widget with Customer Support features.

Conversly has everything from bringing in customers to initiating a conversation and building an online community all from one single dashboard.

You can promote Conversly to your customers as a tool that helps them engage and interact with their customers and collect leads as well.

Interact and address all your customer's queries.

You can encourage group conversation and build a live forum on your web page.

Not just that, address all your customer queries instantly.

Why Should You Promote CONVERSLY?
With 90%+ per customer in our tried and testeed sales funnel, and a generous prize pool,with a little planning you can make CONVERSLY one of our best promos of 2017.
We have crafted a powerful customer management platform that is sure to improve your process.Nothing else does this and your customer need it, and will love it.
Our refund rates are miniscule because we have A-grade support team who treat our customers like gold. Any customer you send our way will be in safe hands
We don't believe in making something "mobile " only, or "offline " only... or "anything " only. We build apps that can be used by every marketer.
Watch a quick demo

Publish your campaign and start building an online community

Your dashboard provides you with all the vital information about your visitors like their contact info. , their preferences …all laid out in front of you nicely.

With Conversly you can get started by creating a campaign in 5 seconds flat. The templates are provided to give you a head-start. Just edit a few details and you are on your way. The video trainings are so thorough that even your 5 year old can create campaigns at the end of it. We did say Conversly works instantly, right?

Change the design of your campaign so that it’s in sync with your brand and product. Choose the background and text colours that truly compliment your brand. Just a few clicks and you have the perfect looking campaign ready and good-to-go. Next… just click ‘Configure’.

It is now all so easy to run and manage an online community on your web pages

Jv Content Guidelines
  • If you want to team up, please notify us in advance before we update the first leaderboard. You should use the same JVzoo account to do the promotion, making it transparent for all the other JVs- as every one should have a fair chance at winning the contest.
  • To qualify for the pricing, your commissions should be equal or more than the prize money. If you do not meet this criteria, you will be awarded the next prize.
  • The winners will be based on the total commissions generated. So, it is ideal to push for the upgrades. The minimum funnel sales is just to qualify for the specific level and contest IS NOT based on the funnel sales. It is based on the commissions generated.
  • Due to the above requirement of contest being based out of commissions, no JVs will have extra bumps- unless decided by us.It will be given to all affiliates- in which case you will be automatically bumped.
We Support Those Who Support Us
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